Update 01 - July 28th, 2014

Hey there! We've launched the forums just over a week ago, at MakutaFest, and we've also started promoting them in our videos, so this is the first update we've had so far. There's been some updates when it comes to fixing up some of the stuff in the forum, so here we go:

  • Added two new rules to the Post Guidelines
  • Extended Member First Day Post-Limit/Like-Limit
  • Added Trust Levels
  • Gave staff and crew members titles
  • Fixed Google Authentication
  • Made the Promotions, Music, and Promotions categories

Added two new rules to the Post Guidelines

We added two new rules to the post guidelines after seeing several things pop up with the multitude of new people.

Double Posting

I realize that at some points you want to bump your topic, but the truth is that there aren't always going to be discussion going on there. Double posting is only okay if you are the creator of a creative work and have an update. Otherwise, don't do that.

Topic Titles

Make sure that your topic titles are descriptive actually say something about what's inside the thread. Don't use "Look what I found!" or "Really cool thought I just had!" topic names, but actually post what your thought or what you found was.

Extended Member First Day Post-Limit/Like-Limit

Several of you noted that the limit prevented you from making all of the posts you wanted to. I went in and extended the limit. It's meant to prevent spambots, but so far it's been pretty mild, so until we start getting flooded with them you should be able to make a good many posts. Do bear in mind that any limits like those are only if you are under the Scrub Trust Level or if it's your first 24 hours on the forum.

Added Trust Levels

Speaking of which, Trust Levels! They're an inherit part of the software we use, so we've outlined them here so you guys know how they work. These promotions are all automated so you don't have to wait for us to promote you or anything!

Gave staff and crew members titles

Titles are those little phrases of text that appear to the right of everyone's name when the make a post. They can only be given by admins, and they mostly just designate who a person is. If you see "TTV Cast" Member, then they're pretty obviously people from the TTV Cast. If you see "Mod Squad", then they're part of our site staff and moderation crew. Everything else is probably an injoke.

Fixed Google Authentication

Some of you guys reported that you had some problems with signing in with Google. That should have been fixed. I haven't tried it out yet, but I switched the authentication client we were using and that should make it work. Try it out.

Made the Questions and Answers topic

Crunch made a topic here for you guys to ask us questions. We might answer some there, might end up answering some on TTV. Who knows?

Made the Updates, Music, and Promotions categories

All self explanitory, but those are all of the new categories we've added since the site's started. Promotions can only be used by those in the Master Trust Level (see above for topic link), so it might take a bit for that to see some action.

Thanks, and hope to see you guys in the new update! Be sure to label any comments or concerns down in the replies below. Thanks!