Update 02 - August 18th, 2014

We've spent a good month already up, so I thought it was time to give some sort of update as to what's been going on.

  • Like before, we added two new rules to the Rules and Guidelines
  • Made Chronicler a mod
  • Changed Trust Level requirements
  • Made the Community, Marketplace, Role Playing and Site Bugs categories
  • Made some behind the scenes updates to the server
  • Created the TTV Asks You topic

Added two new rules to the Rules and Guidelines


We all know what the acronym stands for. Stupid, pointless, annoying messages are kind of a staple of any forum, but we want to weed out as much as possible. I was hoping this would be common sense, but I guess it's worthwhile having a rule about it anyways. Please don't post stuff that's unreadable, or off topic. Also, if you make a post that's only a shipping hashtag with no context...that's probably going to be removed. Most of this, as always, will be up to the staff discretion. Again, please just use common sense.

Respect the Cast

Don't get us wrong, we are very, very grateful for you fans. You're literally the only reason we're able to do what we love to do today. In fact, we liked you so much that we made this place specifically so we could talk and interact with you guys. And hey, we like to rib each other a lot. We have thick skins, and we like a good joke.

That being said, there's been some issues with disrespect lately. Stuff like impersonating TTV Cast members or shipping between fans and Cast members. We like to be chill as far as stuff going on the forum, but some of that stuff has been seriously crossing the line.

You have to understand, we riff each other a lot because we're friends offscreen and we have been friends for years. Some of the jokes we make on the podcast are cool to make because we're the ones making them. We get that you guys want in on these jokes, and we want you guys to feel involved and part of the community. But you also have to realize that we don't know a lot of you personally. That means that jokes that are okay coming from some of your closest friends aren't really okay when they're coming from a stranger.

We get that a lot of you don't mean to be offensive with this, and it's just an example of a joke that got carried away too far. We'll try to just warn you when things start crossing the line. However, do be aware that just because we say something in the podcast doesn't mean you can necessarily say the same things here.

Made Chronicler a Mod

Chronicler (formerly BioChronicler) is the newest member of the Mod Squad! Congratulate him here!

Changed Trust Level requirements

Trust Level 4 used to have members be on for around 100 days...but this board hasn't even been around for 100 days, so it would be a whole three months before anyone could do anything with the forum. We're going to be slowly increasing the limit to get there to Trust Level 4 bit by bit, as the forum gets older and older, but for now it's only 20 days. We'll make it 30 days maybe about a week or two from now.

Made the Community, Marketplace, Role Playing and Site Bugs Categories

We created the Community category for most of the games and community-related stuff to go in. The other forums are mostly self-explanatory. They're mostly just to encourage different types of community related stuff to go on, and we're really excited to see all of these things booming!

Made some Behind the Scenes Upgrades with the server

Basically, we made some boring technical updates behind the scenes. If you've noticed, there's been points in the past few weeks where the site has been down for a few hours. Var fixed a lot of the stuff that went south, and I went around and made some updates to software that was causing some stability issues. I think we've got all of the kinks ironed out. If anything seems weird to you, let me know about it.

Created the TTV Asks You Topic

In addition to the ask us topic created with the last update, this update we bring you a topic where we ask you questions. We use this as a tool for direct feedback, so this is where you can have the most impact on our content.


Is this just shipping fans and Cast members in general (fansxfans, castxcast) or just fans with Cast members?

It's mostly just castxfans; castxcast is just what you get with the territory, but castxfans starts to create this kind of realm of fantasy that we don't want to get into. It implies a personal relationship that some people or even the fan in question overestimates.

I'd like to say I could care less about fanxfan, but I can easily see a community member being creeped out by it. If both parties are okay with the joke, then it's harmless, but if it starts going to far it's obviously going to be addressed. This place shouldn't be where you come to hit on girls on the internet.


Yeah, sorry about the shipping... It inspired me to do some artwork though

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