Update: Bionicle (G1,The Lego movie,G2) moc Tarkur Toa of Masterbuilding (with pictures)

This moc is a creation of a reincarnated version of my self moc if it was in the bionicle realm in The Lego movie

Come and get me

Tarkur and his part collecting drone jump pack and armor




Jump pack and extra armor close up

Drone size

Flying kinda

Group photo

So to the backstory

Tarkur was just a normal fire matoran in the bionicle realm.

Tarkur was walkink along a shore an found this odd looking stone. He picked up the stone and took it to turaga defulix the elder of the fire village. Their Tarkur got told tjat it was a toa stone.

So he went to the great tempel and used it with out premission put he thougt first he would transform into the toa of fire but instead alot of parts in keetorange and dark red + some silver. This way Tarkur learnd to become a master builder because he had to build his own toa form.

The reason he is the toa of masterbuilding is because he is the only bionicle in the realm to learn it on his own.

The drone was created to help tarkur reach pieces he could not reach before and he was also made to be god in figthing situations.

My main inspiration was the ruru which made me think of the color scheme. Another of my inspirations was angry kittie and of course tarkur toa of revamps.

His element is


Weapons is

A axe sword

And a fire shield

Mask: Ruru Power: nigthvision

Rank: Toa and Masterbuilder.

Hope you like it and sorry for the wait


well, you made a bionicle out of system parts…



Well, that’s blocky.

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Yeah agree

Tougth of building childhood incarnation of him later.

What i mean is how it whould look if i did as a child


Whoa. I’ve heard of using system parts on bionicle…
But this is ridiculous

The moc itself looks awesome though, I’m seriously impressed with the articulation and how little bionicle you used to make this thing work. The colors work well, the torso is interesting and the legs… Well they could be a bit smoother, but the construction is pretty cool honestly


Thank you!

My only complaint would be that the elbows look a bit un-natural if that makes any sense. Great job.

Aside from the poor camera quality, it’s pretty good for something almost entirely system-based. The forearms could be less blocky though

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Yeah bad thing tires dosent come in silver other wise a easy fix with black one

He’s made of bricks! :smiley:

I love him <3

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Well you made a Bonkle out of Legos.
I love it

I like it, but it could be slightly refined.

Bionicle made out of system. 10/10 well done, jolly good show!

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I read the word Masterbuilding as something very different at first.


I’ve never seen such a wide use of system pieces on a Bionicle Moc… and I love it.

Proportions are very good and the whole design screams epic. The color scheme is great too.
The drone is just awesome.

To improve it I would suggest to try to make a custom weapon and probably try to hide some exposed studs.

The use of system bricks here is very impressive. The arms are a little blocky, but those legs look great.

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Great Moc
I really like how it’s made up of Mainly System Parts!