Update to "A New Member of Splinter"

Here is PART TWO of my WIP topic.

But first, lets take a look at the first version of this female character.

Now, here is a look at my new MOC after some modifications:

Here’s a shot of the front

A close up on the new torso modifications.

Another close up.

A look at the back with the “wings” and weapons. She has a sword, a battle ax, a boomerang and a dagger.

And one more pose for good measure :grin:

All the mods I made:

  • I spread the gold out further to other part of the body.
  • Filled the waist in.
  • Changed upper arm CCBS shell to silver in place of black on the right.
  • Added black spiky piece to the upper shell on the left arm.
  • Thickened up lower legs.

Now, as for the name, I’m sorta thinking “Angel” will do. It’ll be the name she gives herself due to her joining Splinter.
Speaking of Splinter, if you’d like to see all of the members of the Splinter Clan, check out my YouTube Playlist. A video review of this one will be arriving soon!


Now here is the next version of this Charcter. Some major modifications to the torso have been made, and I swapped out and rearranged some of the armor pieces.

As you can see, I removed the spikes from the upper and lower arms.
Now she really seems to be coming together! I’ll probably make a few modifications here and there, but I think this is the best version yet!

W/O wings

Close up on torso.

Back w/o wings

When I was experimenting, I realized it looked nice without the gold, so I just removed it all together.
I’m now considering replacing the black CCBS shells on the knee caps with silver.

That’s all folks! Thanks for the feedback! Let me know if there is anything else that could be done to improve this MOC.
Have a nice day!


well you upgaded her and it’s sorta interesting. Though now I feel like you should either remove silver for gold or gold for silver. Not that the assymetricality is bad or anything, but her color’s not balanced, 50% black, 25%silver and gold, 25% base color of burnt orange, teal and grey. Though her design is nice and interesting. Crotch/Pelvis is awkward now. Hey, maybe you can even out by finding silver for her other side?


Here’s the modification I just made. @JMP

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yess awkward. Though i still wish she could have more colors on the black armored side other than black… switch up some of the parts for silver versions

Any way you could thin down the shoulders a bit? Because aside from that, she’s great.

came up with some dumb named btw

Hirikour(Combination of the beginnings of the Maori words for Silver and Gold in that order)
Kouriwa(Beginning of Maori for Gold and ending for silver)
Aurgentlas(combination of first two letters of gold, middle letters of silver, and last letters of wings in Latin)

best I could do

Way to capitalize on the critique! Looks much better, and my knee complaint is gone! Great improvements!

Thanks very much, everyone! @JMP @PakariNation99 @Windfall
I just made some more major modifications, if you’d like to check it out. I added it to this topic.

Unfortunately, I haven’t any more of the Kongu green/teel. I do have a few of the burnt orange shells, but there’s no good place to put them. :expressionless:

she looks alot better and far more cohesive! I love it! Just abit more teal/burnt orange!