Updated mocs

Lot o’ mocs have come and gone this year, although its been hard with school as I don’t have the time to make as many creations as I did in the holidays, although I have been updating mocs as much as I can here are a few:

Htes (V2)
not alot changed with this particular creation, just few minor Armour swaps and piece replacements. although he still has propurtion issues he has gold on his arms, so all those that complained about the lack of gold on his arms - your welcome…

Nyrac (V2)
small limb colour swap and added textures to her legs and body, also gave her a new weapon called an atom disruption canon. still suffering from open ball joints.

least changed but I made him less awkward in the body as he looked fat.

lowerd the leg and pelvis area so that his waste didn’t look super thin, also changed the top of his arms and gave a better connection to his shoulders. legs still look awkward from the sides, I will soon be fixing that.

have not made a post for this one yet but I will soon enough, believe it or not, this was my first go at mocing with actual effort, it’s changed a lot in the past months and I am going to say that I will try to change the chest design, (for obvious reasons)

Samus Aran
small leg change, all I did was face the ankle gaurds down like in the picture.

have yet to make a topic about this moc, the original had a lot of potential, and I finally got around to making a good iteration of this moc. Also my first moc to use rubber bands to hold important components together.

thats it for this post however I have updated a few more, so you might have to wait to see Wish bone and kulta’s update… any way what are your thoughts?


Zerek and CODE BLUE are still very awkward, but the rest look very nice.


Not a huge fan of Zerek but all the others look cool


Ulna appears to have an eye problem.

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yea, but I thought it looked cool and I couldn’t find any other place to put them so I stuck them in her eye holes.

Some great improvements! I love how consistent Nyrac’s armor looks aesthetically and I like the look the rubber bands give to Ulna.

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Atua The Demonic
Small update to Atua the demonic, gave his double jointed legs some extra Armour, giving it a less stick like look. also gave his arms different CCBS shell pieces, giving him more red.


I quite like the last one. Aside from the regular lime on the legs (which stands out a bit too much in that level of concentration, it’s got a consistent theme, a cool aesthetic, and an interesting mask design. I’d prefer to see a silver chestpiece, but other than that I really like how it looks.

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Kulta and wish bone modifications