Updated: Sarukai mordraxus demon sin of wrath

So no need to really go to far into his back story really short version is that he lived with his family fought till he was about 40 then died and came back looking 20 years younger now before he had only make and control ce but now he has the ability to make and control fire and ice both he mostly uses fire.

As for why well its cuz he in my story has become one of the seven deadly sins after he finds out about the death of his wife how she died was a mystery for a while but it was revealed that she was murdered by a group of mercenarys this triggered his rage to go out of control and awaken his new powers.

The helmet is a new addition originally I never wanted to give him a helmet but I looked at the ekimu mask and put it on him and thought this looks very pleasing for some reason so I decided to make a separate head for it its called the helm of creation in my story and like the mask of creation is can create anything kai uses it to make hundreds of thousands of swords that he can control telekinetically and brutally slaughter his enemies.

Now yes this is my self moc (again…) but I figured his back story is known but his latest bit of info isn’t thought I’d add an update on him yes I post about him and another a lot but I plan to get to work on other Mocs as well I hope that he looks more appealing then his other version (the edge lord black and white version) I like this version so much more the colors really are much better (yes ik his one arm is gold in one of the pics I will be fixing this in the morning these were the only pics I had atm)

Yes!! They aren’t sideways again lol I’m really happy :joy::joy::joy:

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That torso is waaaaaaaay too long , the hands have too much flexibility,Really awkward, but the sword is cool though

Oooh, wow, that looks good.

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Deus vult infidel

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Its the angle your seeing it from

and rhe hands are the normal ccbs hands
@IceBear I’m not sure I get it

K so its not a sword gun thing that’s first it’s a sword there’s not aspect of a gun in there he doesn use it as a gun the entire thing is a sword idk where you see a gun I’m there but ok.

secondly the arms are designed that way for the elbow padding are the arms long not really they reach to his thighs are the legs long yeah but last I checked some people have long legs arms and torsos when their taller then the average person not complaining about your opinion I can obviously fix this.

third there is an entire story when he was resurrected he made his new body to be in its prime so he had nothing holding him back now as to why he uses for sis because that is part of his new set of abilities he gained from the place he spent most his time being dead in a place callsd the astral realm this is essemtly a place where the dead can go but also the living can find themselves there if they seek out the means to do so as for why fire is because its not earthbound fire its actually astral fire which is green the reason he has both is because the ice ability is naturally a part of him while the first was given.

Fourth he didn’t go super sayain super sayain is a useless concept and as dead as dbz should be.

Fifth so you say a claymore a sword a normal weapon used literally know real life a weapon that can be found in a museum and any history book known to man if you like I can produce an image of many real claymores and other swords for you.

Sixth so no he didn’t unlock his powers from pure feelings he’s called the demon sin of wrath meaning he is impure he habors a great hatred to the people who killed the ones he loves and the people who killed his brothers in arms.

Seventh so the mistake you made is that he unlocked it after his wife’s death technically he has always had it just never bothered to use it and before it wasn’t as strong his anger is what fuels the fire in his soul. And lastly the colors are a lot better to look at them just black and white so there

just for you buddy I looked up some claymores/zewihanders

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I mean, personally for myself, when viewing your characters I just look at them from an anime-esque design view, and I have to say, their backstories included, it really fits the perception!

To me this guy (the top one) actually works quite well, his armour coloration isn’t too awkward, a mix of silvers, blacks, and a touch of red to go with the cape, and some a few little gold adornments here and there just to add a bit of ‘pop’ to it.

The torso to limb length match up despite their slightly exaggerate length, the neck isn’t that emphasized, and allows fr some pretty nice head movement with the cape, while the cape itself, and the armor pieces give the feel of a kind of high necked cloak or such, standard anime/manga character fare really.
Especially when you take into account the limbs, and torso size.

Where such thin limbs for such a height would generally come off as lanky, when compared to his torso size makes them seem average sized or so instead. It also fits in with the foot and it’s slightly elevated/pointed look to it, which really does lead into the leg quite well!

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Well again its not a gun again pictures of swords

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I just now realized that he is not handing the sword lie a gun, but not because of the images, but because of the sword view from the background of the first picture.

Your also mistake the red as pieces that are necessary technically those are just cloth pieces I made

And thank you @KAI_BORG the cloak is meant to look big especially around the neck its to basically make him look like if he needs to go out in the cold he has a means of keeping warm the thing I loved about kai is how I changed his torso before his torso was super long and lanky so I added to it mad it look bulkier I plan to bulk his arms up too like I did his legs and torso but not like super bulky

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Ey, you’re welcome mate! I have to say I’ve really loved your mocs so far! Complex, essentially titan sized, and nicely proportioned (for their anime-esque builds that is of course ;P).

Also, ey, nice! Sounds like it’ll be an update to watch for!

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Oh if you like mine you would love my friends he makes better titans then me

Cloth in the bones of the moc?

Those are red to represent under clothing like a gambeson

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You should have used the same shade of red.

If its bothering you this much I’ll fix it but I don’t see much of a problem

The trans red totally steal the show and looks like it is part of the armor, rather than the clothing.

Trans red? I used solid red

No. There are numerous trans red pieces in the moc.

No there aren’t

No, no there isn’t. There’s like one on the chain piece, a stud and that’s it. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of solid red plates/bones.

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