This is a board I’m making for when I make multiple small updates, for the same piece, for my Mocs and need opinions for which design is better.

@Sammythekat Tried to use your ideas that you gave me but I don’t know if I got em right so let me know if I did.


knee armour
Yeah so I tried to cover up the third knee joint and restrict its movement, don’t know which design was better.

Hair design
So I changed the an god of her hair and tried to go with a recommendation with it but I can’t tell if I did it right, also made a new style (which I actually don’t like to much.)

Revamped tekal

Can’t tell which design I should go for (shin still needs fixing).



for the hair

you need to take the point where the “hair” part connects to the bent technic connector

and add something like a longer axle, so the tip of the vahki staffs reach close to the top of her helmet.

Ok so lower the hair more so the tip of the spikes are at the same height as her mask, I can do that, it’ll just take a bit of thinking.

Hey, that looks much better! The new leg also works well.

For which? Tekal? And if so do you mean the one with the curved piece facing forward?

No, for Qadoentra.

Ah ok, so the one with the upward spiked kneecap i’m guessing? (I’m just going for the one that I slightly prefer more, less wiggle.)

Yes, that one.

Ah awesome, going to use that one in her next update (arms, hair and knees for that one.)