I've made 4 MOCs recently,but i've been too lazy to take pictures of them. i'm gonna try to do it soon so stay tuned.

Hint: Two of them are robots in the same storie as Arthur,the other two are a matoran guy of jungle and a female skakdi

Also,i've ordered a Noble 6 figure a few days ago,so expect pictures in 1-2 week(s),when i get it.
i'l also be making a diorama thing for him to take cool pics.

[I tried posting this in the 'other' category,but it said ''category is reserved''. anybody know what the problem is?]


@Risebell I could,but nobody would notice it if i just edited topics over and over again :/

Wait- did your comment just dissapear?

I suppose a mod removed it.
But I see what you mean, most people just browse a new topic once and never check it again.

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@Risebell Yeah. it seems Nyran moved y topic to another category.
Yeah,see,i would do it,but people would stop looking at it after a few days,and that'd suck.

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Ooohhh interesting


@StudentScissorsLeaker Y'all probably see it tomorrow

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Nooble 6! I remember back in the day, there wasn't a Noble Team. We didn't even have Spartans. We just had sticks and a rock. And we had to share the rock!

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@squeaverking uhm

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