Uploader Crash


Recently every time I try to use the image uploader to upload something from my desktop, my computer entirely locks up and requires a hard reboot to respond. Then and only then am I able to upload the image I wanted to and nothing else, as it will just happen again. I’ve had to upload No Regrets from Brickshelf, and since Brickshelf is completely unreliable, I figured it was time to address this.

Any help?

Open the picture in a folder tab next to the boards, then drag it in. Works for me.

If not, flickr or imgur are easy to use image hosting site.

I can’t access pictures from my desktop straight into my browser, Flickr is a very harsh process that I use when I have to, and I’m not touching Imgur.

Oh. Looking back I think I explained the first one badly, but I don’t know.