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I couldn’t find a topic for this and I figure it’s better to have one topic rather than multiple smaller topics. And yes, I searched for both “Urbex” and “Urban Exlporation.”

An Urban Exploration or Urbex is when someone or a group of people explore places or buildings that have been abandoned. Sometimes people find left over documents and materials, disrepair, and in worst case scenarios: spooky stuff.

Either way, I find Urbex videos very fascinating. My favorite Urbex chanel on YouTube is The Proper People.

What do you think of Urbex’s and what are your favorite chanels?


while i do not often watch videos i do very much enjoy seeing people enter long forgotten places

Oh I do that myself, I didnt know it had a name, I know for a fact it is awesome, and the feeling of going inside those places is amazing, a little bit risky I would say since its illegal and you could probably get hurt with something

But its cool

And this is how we die.

I guess I’ve technically done it while going airsofting with my friends, playing in abandoned areas an such.
It can defiantly be creepy while just looking through dark buildings, though when you have an airsoft gun and someone else is hunting you down the fear changes to a different target.

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I usually avoid these kinds of videos, but sometimes I watch them anyway.

Ive only done this twice. And let me say it - NEVER GO IN HAUNTED GRAVEYARDS.

You may not beleive in ghosts, but, just dont do it. If you do, make sure to record it or take a lot of people with you.

also, my favorite channel that does this is Scare Theatre.

… riiiiight…

Why? Zombies gonna pop up and start dancing to thriller?

I’ve seen a handful of ghosts, they don’t exist, I’d be more worried about getting mugged frankly.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the paranormal, always have, I just don’t believe in it.


Ok, its fair that you dont beleive me. And, no, zombies arent going to jump out. Something could follow you home, though. Whether it be good or bad. A;so, lets not try to make a argument over this, its the last thing i want.

I’ll admit, shouldn’t have been so sarcastic, I’ve seen ghosts like I said, I’m actually interested in whatever spooked you so bad.

Ghosts are just residue from when the soul leaves the body. Mindless entities doomed to repeat points of their former lives. Shadows of the person they were part of. You would need to worry less about ghosts when doing something like this and more about the structural stability of the building you plan on exploring.

Ok, ill tell you.

There is cementary in my city, and since me and my dad are very interested i the paranormal (he used to be an investigator) we decided to check it out. The first time, we used an app called Ghost Radio (try not to be sceptic), It was me, my dad, our neighbor, and her son. For a while, nothing happened, we had a few laughs. But then we reached the back of the graveyard. There was a virgin mary statue and a jesus statue. It was on perfectly level ground, and as soon as i got close to it, the virgin mary statue fell. I picked it up, and it stayed. As soon as i walked away it fell over again. I just stared at it, and walked back over it. I picked it up, and it stayed. It friggin happened again. We decided to leave, and as soon as we left the area, my neighbors son started crying. The app we had said crybaby (it picks up white noise and pulls up the words on screen). We bolted.

The second time we went there, it was me, my dad, and my freind. The app was just saying weird stuff. Nothing special. We went back to the virgin mary statue. I got cold chills, and my dad started to freak out. I asked what it was, and he wouldnt tell me. The app said ricky, grave, and drugs. I looked around for clues (went scooby doo up in there) and saw nothing. We walked around, and noting happened. We walked back to the area, and i looked down. There was a grave, and it was busted. The grave said ricky. So, i freaked out. We decided to leave. About halfway through, my freind fell back. He screamed bloody murder. He got up and bolted. We got to the car, and my dad said the reason he freaked out was because the app said die. My freind swears up and down that something pulled his ■■■■■. i dont know if it was true, but i havnt been there since.

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While I can think of numerous logical reasons for what happened to you, I’d be spooked too.

I did this a couple times when I was in college. This one abandoned motel had an orange hand print on the wall with “Welcome to hell” written in the worst handwriting/spelling I’ve ever seen.

You can find some funny stuff when doing some urban exploration

These are fun to watch, but doesn’t it count as trespassing?

Only if it’s on private property.