Uriel, the Guardian Angel

Hello everyone on the Boards!

I am back. With more D&D art.

Some of you might be aware of my D&D character Connie (mostly due to the vast quantities of art related to him). Well, recently Connie’s been having a lot of intense things happen in his life, and the poor lad is currently on a solo self-discovery journey, to put it simply.

In the interim, I’ve been playing a new character named Uriel. What started as a temporary character for a simple quest has, in typical TTRPG fashion, rapidly evolved due to insane circumstantial escalation into a very important and interesting secondary PC for me.

Uriel is a celestial, a being of the divine realm in D&D. They’re a servant of a smith god in our setting, and generally speaking they’re a brutally honest and logical type of person with a hard sense of duty and humility. That got them into trouble long ago, though, when Uriel refused to stop fighting the enemies of their master in a time of peace.

Now, though, thanks to our party’s shenanigans, a new war of the gods is taking place, and Uriel is called to aid their god once more while at the same time exploring their curiosity about the Material Realm.

To make a long story short, I did some concept drawings of Uriel. They have two distinct colors as a forge-born: their typical fiery orange and much more intense blue flame.

I’m actually pretty proud of how these turned out, aesthetically speaking. In the past I pushed myself to do more detailed, rendered styles, but I find a lot of the time I’m really comfortable in the more concept-styled sketching zone.

Anyways, thanks again for maybe reading my insane ramblings. Let me know what you think and you can have your cookie: :cookie:

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Nice design. Love the fantasy feel. The script on the Pauldron is a very nice touch as well and the androgynous facial features are perfect for a devine character.


I like the different colors and how they connect.


Dude,could you draw one of my dnd characters?

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Sure, you can PM me.