Urius (Engineer Class Aeonyx)

An Aeonyx I’ve created. This is his first version, his engineer class form.

He controls Cyber Fire. It’s an offshoot of Void Essence.

He shows unwavering loyalty to Lady Void.

o Name: Urius (Pronounced yu-RAI-uhs)
o Title: The Devoted Protector
o Class: Scientist/Engineer
o Ability(ies)/Element(s): Though he is relatively young in terms of Aeonyx, being only fifteen thousand years old [or just fifteen, I can’t find anywhere saying how long they live], he is gaining proficient control over his natural ability of cyber-fire manipulation, which seems to be an off-shoot of void essence, though it differs greatly, being somewhat harder to control and easier to let loose. He is also a proficient hand-to-hand fighter, mastering several fighting styles and even creating one in his spare time.
o Weapon(s)Tool(s): If required to fight, he will use his energy blade, which is capable of cutting through most anything and is also able to be controlled mentally. His ring is located on his lower right arm, near the elbow, and can be used to deliver devastating elbow strikes.
o Physical Appearance: Slim Teenage Male wearing moderately bulky armour
o Gender Pronouns: He/Him
o Bio: When he was young, he accidentally wandered into Kairos’ laboratory, awed by the scientific splendour. Urius was almost killed by the Overseer before Lady Void stepped in and stopped Kairos. Ever since then, Urius has never let Lady Void down and has never ceased in his loathing of Kairos. After years he was also offered to be promoted to a Scientist as well as become a member of Lady Void’s personal guard, but denied the latter because he believes that he isn’t ready, though the offer is still there, and he was allowed to have his individualism grow at a faster rate than most average Aeonyx. While he is somewhat impatient, he cares deeply for the wellbeing of Aeonyx as a species, and is willing to put his life on the line for Lady Void and her interests. He also has a great respect for the Migrator and Lady Void’s Court. Though it is not on the same level as Lady Void, he still holds them in high regard, viewing Migrator as a mentor of sorts, Famine as a motherly figure, Death and Pestilence as fellow (though superior) scientists and War as his ‘sensei’ of some kind (as he taught him a large sum of fighting styles). Lastly he has somewhat of a rivalry with Alieraah, both wanting to keep their records flawless for Lady Void.
o MOC Creator: Doug G/Efri Corosha from The Lion’s Den: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXrRt4_NT9MQdduspmUbWog
o Related Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEojnPnPhCg

I’ll post his next form tomorrow.

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Looks pretty cool and well built, with a nice backstory, however his appearance seldom reflects it in my eyes… notably nothing about the build really suggests him being an engineer or scientist. You could’ve just as well call him an assassin or a mindless drone and I wouldn’t bat an eye. Maybe give him like a belt of tools which his carries around with him everywhere or something to give him even more character.

I’m currently in the process of upgrading him, so I’ll try it.

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The front torso is abit off from the 3 shells and the left arm is questionable.
It’s rare to see a moc outside a contest/RP to have a story relation with someone elses. Despite it connecting to one of the more popular biotubers.

I’ve changed it around a bit, adding more black to the colour scheme. Also, Alieraah has specifically stated that it’s an open species. Just look here: Tumblr. I understand your queries, though.