Uxar Creature of Jungle Sketch

This is a quick sketch of Uxar that I drew mainly because I was bored and wanted to try drawing a bionicle character for the first time. It is not the greatest by any means but I kinda like it.
So here y'alls go hope you like it


Oooh, I like how streamlined you made it!

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You did when you bored!!!!! You must be a master with a pencil when you try

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I really like the slimmed down, semi organic look

This has a very organic feel to it, but could use some detail between the wings and hind legs. Still great!

Thank you guys I didn't think that people would like it so much


I find the lack of a lower jaw disturbing...

but otherwise, it's neato...have you tried drawing other creatures?

Well none of the creatures have lower jaws so......
And this is the first one that I have drawn.

Not in set form...but in JTO they do :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I haven't seen the JTO footage leaks yet and I drew this based in the set so yah

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they're not leaks though...they're official

Oh I thought they were leaked out. Like I said I have not seen them yet

I think the wings are too small.

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Yah I guess they are really small. Huh never noticed that

This is pretty neat

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