Vadian the Vortixx

so, this is probably my first proper G1 Moc I have ever made and so I would say it’s a really good start, so I would like to show you Vadian, a deadly Assassin form Xia

I don’t really have a story for besids her being a Assassin form Xia but I was for thinking of her being in a team of different species form the Bionicle Universe but that’s all for her for now.

here’s more photos

and that’s basically Vadian, again not much to say about her, she’s not perfect and will have some updates in the future but for my first G1 Moc I think I did a good job with her and I hope you like her


i like what you’ve done here but, the chest seems too big and the waist is too thin
i like the dark colours such as dark blue and black, this feels like an assassin because of the colour pallet would work well in dark areas.

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well thanks! and I’ll try to tix the chest and waist when I update her. I do want to try to keep the Rahkshi Head for the chest seeing how Roodaka had that kind of design for her chest but I’ll try to do what I can

No dude, the waist is perfect… but the arms are weird

Too thin for my taste. I think you should bulk her up a bit. :smiley:

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@ToaKylerak @SonicBionicleMaster yeah, was thinking of using tire pieces for the arms and maybe add some CCBS shells. I’m not really used to making G1 Mocs but I’ll try my best

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The hands seem too short

Upper arms are definitely 2 studs too short. On a real person the elbows are level with the waist and the fingers come to rest about halfway down the thigh. Use yourself as a reference when MOCing.


I’ll keep that in mind, thanks

You don’t need to be proportionate… these are alien space robots… but then again our proportions evolved for bipedal stability…


Yes! Finally someone did a Vortixx again! Great work on this one as well. Blue works very well on this, I think the slender shape is great. Also very cool head design.

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