Vaela the Huntress

inb4 "female moc with rahkshi head = 0/10"


Vaela is a member of Ancient's species, and a native of Stelt. She was once a slave, but due to her incredible agility and reflexes, was forced to become a gladiator in the arena. Quickly she rose to become one of Stelt's greatest warriors, and was famous for her mastery of her Skakdi war bow. Eventually, she managed to escape captivity and left to explore the world, later becoming a Dark Hunter.


The color scheme is all over the place, and the legs looks very flat due to the armor placement on the upper legs. I really like the bow design, but the Rodes used ar shoulder armor look really out of place because of the spikes at the top.


Simply amazing. The design is basic while having some complex parts. The colour scheme is bold but works. The only thing I can't agree with is the green (or is that white?) on the end of her bow but the look of the piece itself makes up for that. The Axonn masks look really great and I love the neon-red pieces every now and then. Only thing I can think to change is the armor on the upper legs. I would change the axels and the pieces holding the axels to black (if that makes sense). The build doesn't just look good, it looks solid as if every piece fits perfectly and in harmony. Many people bash the use of Rahkshi masks that their so underused now so I always love to see a moc with a Rahkshi mask.

Overall great job, I love pretty much everything.

@Power.Mocs ...Wow. That's the nicest comment I've ever gotten on one of my mocs. Thanks! Also, good point on the axles on the upper legs, will definitely try that out.

@Leoxandar The bow can fire. It's actually surprisingly powerful.

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This looks good. Nice job of giving her feminine shaping without going too far, and that bow... wow. I love it.

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Really like the look. The how is awesome as well.

not really the moc has 4 colors, plus the bow.

For the Moc I really enjoy how the silver feels like armour on top of the character, and the bow gives off a ghostly feel, nice job.


The worst part are the upper legs. Otherwise I quite like it, although the stomach area may look a bit weird, but can't really make it out anyways.

So there's five then. I'd say that's a bit much.

6, since the bow has 2 colors.

But no. I personally say weapons don't count towards a moc's color scheme. 4 is not a tremendous amount, especially when one is a base color and the other is a lightly used accent color.


I agree that the thighs are probably the worst part, but the rest is actually rather good! The base design and appearance is a bit basic, yes. But it does what it does VERY well.

(Also I am eternally jelly...freaking purple skrall lucky chump)

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The purple accents are very well done, as are the use of masks as shoulder armor. I especially like the bow's design. The shaping and the construction of the limbs are both very professional.

Nice MOC, however I think the color scheme is messy.

Could the bow fire?

Sure does give off that feminine look and is a very solid build in my opinion, so (and pardon if this is yelling) THIS IS AMAZING!!!

In that case, I love it.

Well there's not much to say besides WOW that bow is amazing the built is amazing. The only thing I don't like is that the upper legs look flat but that doesn't really matter

She rahks
absolutely puntastic 10/10

This looks pretty great! I actually like the Rode shoulders. The bow is also really cool, especially those ninjago flame pieces being used as the ends.

I think the colorscheme is the main issue. My first thought would be to remove the purple and leave it at black and silver, but that leaves you with a rather bland color palette. As such, if you have the pieces, I would try replacing the purple with dark blue and the glow-in-the-dark ninjago green for brighter accents (I am only assuming you might have those colors because you own those ninjago blades).

Not sure if that colorscheme would work but it might be worth a try.

While I don't normally like Rahkshi heads on MOCs, I think it works really well on this one. And that bow is just awesome.