Vahalla Guardian of Volcanos (Protecter Combos) by Toa_Aveex

Hey Everyone Toa_Aveex Here!
So,Im a fan of Sweet Combo Models and I happen to Have PoF and PoS
Here You go.....
Valhalla Guardian of Volcanos!

Front Shot

Side Shot

Back Shot

* Vahalla Stricks a Dramatic pose *
* The Fans Go Wild!*

Action Pose

Here's the set's I made him From

Leftover Parts

Here's The skeleton
front Shot

Side shot

Back Shot

Weapons Skeletons

That's It
Comments? Questions?
Post E'm Down Below!



he has a belly, a face for a chest, and some guns n stuff



I must say he's pretty neat!

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Wait so when I die I will go to this guy? I'm confused now.

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Your Confusing me I guess No....

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Pretty good, except for that devilish face chest.

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Wasn't Vahalla the waterfall they threw all the gold into in El Dorado?

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The name reminded me of the place Norse folk go in death.


A mask as chest. Love it. I would love the whole build of this guy if it wasn't for the weapon on his left hand.
And for the fact that he has no upper arm armor.

@Cyclopian xD does "left-handend racism" even exist?

Are you racist against the left-handed?

My people do not take lightly to racism.

It does now.

Well this is pretty cool.

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