Vahki Bordakh Revamp

taken during my advisory class.

the things my teacher lets me get away with XD

anyways, C&C welcome.


nice; really gives off the law enforcer vibe


yea, thanks.

i'm thinking of making the shoulderpad colors correspond to their particular squadron, maybe?

it'll be 1 way to excuse the odd colors.

that, and i only have 1 silver nuva shoulder.


needs a bit more white. maybe swap the 2 shells under the 2015 armor addon.

The only vibe I ever got from Vahki is this one.

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It definitely isn't bad, but I'd advise you to switch out those white Nuva shoulder plates with something silver in color, or switch out the thigh armor for something white/earth blue. Other than that, the MOC is solid.


I think it would be better if you replaced the silver with the white instead.

I really like how the white shoulder pads look, the white really pops out with the somewhat darker color scheme.

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The shoulders are a bit odd, but I like them! It definitely seems like a law-enforcement robot

I think silver Nuva shoulders could've been used, but I really like this otherwise. The addition of the leg playing really correlates well with the Vahkis role as law enforcement.

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if i could have, i would have.