Vahki Fanmade Wallpaper

In Metru Nui, the balance of power is shifting…

Might do the others

Critics and comments are all appreciated


Amazing! It’s a little hard to make out what’s going on in the second picture, though.

######Do Rorzakh pls i love this.

These are really cool, especially with the representation of the 2004 animations. I must have more.

I really love the style of these. Good job!

ta-matoran are marching into work.

These are cool. Especially since it’s for the Vahki, which I think is awesome.

and there ie is

idk man
the other two doesn’t really have anything interesting in their animations…



Yiss, this is amazing dude

I love the Vahki animations, so I think those wallpapers are great!
I think they would look even cooler if you added an outline for the Vahki head (you know, the one used in Krekka and Roodaka too) and maybe a Kanoka symbol somewhere.

thanks for the suggestion
the kanoka symbol might feel a little forced tho


These are AMAZING! You should defiantly do more! Maybe some for the Bohrok?

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I love how each one reflects the Vahki Animations.

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love the art style

colors could be a bit less bright

otherwise :ok_hand:/:ok_hand:

Stunning! :eyeglasses: I’d honestly wear these designs on a hoodie or a ■■■■■. (cough cough ■■■■■ of the month cough cough)

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Man these are great, keep going dude! You should try to line these up and make a stylish theme.

well this is a late reply
thanks everyone

hue hue

i am actually

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Nice, I would definitely use that. I’m using classic ttv at the moment so a brighter theme would be nice

Above average fanart for below average sets :thumbsup:

and below average villains