Vahki Keerakh revamp

Simplicity what what I was going for with this, I wanted a larger Vahki that actually looked imposing without it being over complicated.


Holy cow I wish this was how the Vahki were designed, much more intimidating than what we got, I’d like to see what all six Vahki would look like using this build if possible (please please please please) 8/8 gr8 m8

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I would totally do that because the Vahki are awesome but unfortunately I only have 3/6 Hordika, could mock up 2 more though.

oh and thank you!


Super Vahki for the win! Giant Vahki = YES.

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that is a MONSTER

I love it

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Yes, this thing looks pretty imposing. I really like the weapons - they still look much like the original Keerakh’s. Also nice how you managed to keep the colour of certain parts (upper legs for example).
Great job!

Might you be interested to join the Brotherhood Project? I’m sure it would benefit from a MOC by you!

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Thanks, keeping the look was something I aimed for, especially with the vahki being some of my favourite canister sets.

And sure I’d be glad to join in on this project, did you have a slot that needed to be filed?

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Very cool. The original was one of my favourite sets, and this moc builds along it. Very cool.

Yikes! He’s vicious!

Definitely reminds me of this:


Really big Vahki.
I like the really big Vahki
Good job on the really big Vahki.
Make more really big Vahki.


This is beautiful. This is far better than any of the Vakhi, and what Nidhiki should’ve looked like. Truly magnificent.

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I love it! If you have the parts, can you revamp all of them? 10/10

Thanks and I wish I could but I only have 3 of the Toa Hordika needed to do so but maybe one day.

Nuparu needed to Mass Produce these


If only this could have been the Vahki model Lego sold us…

This looks great, I love the legs not being humanoid like the original and the body is pretty nice, the shoulder really helps. The weapon of using a hook axe and brutaka blade is nice but the should piece and the mata foot (the one that don’t have anything connected to it’s socket) really sicks out, I think would look a lot better if it didn’t have that should piece and the mata foot in dark gray.