Vahki Nuurakh Revamp

I recently completed a revamp of the Vahki Nuurakh that I built for a moc contest on reddit. The theme for the moc was that it was meant to look like it was scratch built by Nuparu from scrap pieces of vehicle parts.

Imgur link-
Reddit post-


Looks pretty good but kind of messy. Nice torso build

I love the complexity but my favorite part has to be the arms
Also reminds me of this:


I'll be the first to admit that the legs are kind of messy, I do wish I had refined them a little more. However it doesn't affect it much so it kinda has some leeway since it's supposed to look over complicated.

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This is more of a re-imagining of the Nuurakh than a revamp, but I love it.

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Awwww, he wants a hug...

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definitely reminded me of this thing


This doesn't really look at all like a vahki, but it still looks really good so whatever

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doctors hate him

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This is such an interesting moc, I've never seen anything like it. While i agree it doesn't look all too much like a Vahki, that doesn't change the fact that it's still really cool.

Doesn't really work much as a 'revamp', but it looks awesome in its own right.

Looks really nice.
Looks like a futuristic vahki.

I guess it's less of a revamp and more of a reimagining.

I absolutely love this guy, the arms have amazed me and i really like the head

Think i might have to steal those arms, the style atleast not the design, if your ok with that

That's perfectly fine. Always happy to inspire others to build.

A bit of a far stretch from the initial set, but a cool reimagining. I like the design of the arms; they're bizzare in appearance, but intimidating all the same. The torso design is also creative, making neat usage of a Mata foot whilst retaining the somewhat gangly appearance of the official sets. The shaping of the head also retains similar aspects of the sets, but with a unique twist that catches the eye.

Not so much a vahki as something else entirely. It's gorgeous!

This should be a Vahki?

Welp, i thought my vahki revamp (which i only have pieces to make the head due to my lack of CCBS/constraction parts) was going to look good but now i'm sure it'll look pretty bad compared to this

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Nice, but ti kinda loses the "vahki" aesthetic, what with the octopoid limbs and what have you.

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