Vahtou V8 [Beta-Test WIP and Weapons Unit]

Okay so here’s Vahtou’s recent WIP. Note that he isn’t quite finished yet so there’s still a lot to be done.

The weapons detach and store. The saber sword and shield hookup switches out with the storage container easy. He stands about 12 inches tall [accurately at 11 1/2 inches.]

So since he already has a lot of weapons, then why not try to find a place to store them?

#Front view ^

#Side/back view ^
Note that Vahtou is taller than this unit, but that’s fine. It holds all weapons and can store one more. A gun [another part to be finished before official release.]
#Questions, comments, and critiques welcome!


Very nicely made!

Pretty shweet

Nice DOTM Optimus ring

Very nice! I do however, think he looks a bit too much like Rocka, maybe swap the trans green for trans blue?

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Ok, this color scheme is so amazing. Gold and black with a splash of neon-green = amazing! The arms, legs, chest, head all look so good, nothing bad that catches my eye. The only two thing that I don’t like on this moc is the blue pin in the center of his chest and the hand design. Literally two super minor details. The weapons holder and the all the weapons are astounding but there’s one weapon, the weapon with grey/silver pieces that I don’t entirely like.

Overall, super amazing, one of the greatest mocs I’ve ever seen, seriously. 9.81/10

To all three, danke!

Meh. I prefer the green. Blue is either too dull or dark for the scheme. That, and it would be impossible to find certain parts in a blue color.

Well. He’s quite finished now. Some of his minor details have either add on’s or have been changed. I will post a finished post sometime. Sorry for the late reply.