Vahtou V8 [COMPLETE]

Alright! Here’s Vahtou finally finished and complete. He was released onto dA and YouTube a while ago but I didn’t want to cram things together. Anyway, here’s the finished product of the WIP. Complete with all of his weapons and storage unit.

A nice size comparison with the unit and MOC itself. It is notably smaller, which is fine.

Vahtou being geared up with his storage container. Still opens and carries small accessories.

A front view of the storage ring.

A back view. The unit holds all weapons, except for the knife and minigun on Vahtou’s thighs.

Tyrigsus gets even smaller in comparison to Vahtou.

A back view of Vahtou using his storage container. His wrist blades store nicely on the back when not in use.

A front view of Vahtou.

A close up pick of the back build of his thighs.

A close up pic of Vahtou’s back when not equipped with any weapons.

Just a picture of him holding his multi-layered hex shield and machine gun.


Sword and shield stores nicely on back clip when not in use.

An updated picture of Tyrigsus and Vahtou.

A small size comparison between Vahtou and Optimus Prime. Vahtou stands at about 12 inches tall [accurately at 11 1/2 inches.]

More stuff.

Questions, comments, and critiques welcome!


Now that I think of it, this guy does feel like bayformer Optimus…


He’s… glorious.

The gold detailing on him is just sublime. If I could get a MOC of mine to look the same (and that’s definitely a similar style to the one I tend to go for), I would be proud. They fan and feather out really well. The ones facing down on his belly are a great touch, too, keeping even the details at the centre looking nice and organic and having no ranom cutoff points.

That thing on his leg isn’t a minigun though, it’s a mini gun :v
his “machine gun” looks more like a minigun :v
And I love it


Hey, it depends on how someone views him. It was a look I did try to aim for.

Yay. 10/10

He looks amazing. Great job.

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Reminds me of Dark of the Moon.

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That’s the point of the build, though. XD

The detail and greebling is spot on.


He looks pretty nice! I can’t tell for certain, but if that’s an Inika torso armor piece as his chest, then excellent parts usage there. Also, the green head is a nice color choice, it sticks out and still blends well with his storage container (which I am also fond of). My only complaints are the piston armoring on his lower legs, it sticks out a little too much. I would replicate what you did on the inside of his legs on the outside. And also, the Inika toe feet look a little out of place, it’s all personal preference, but if it were me I would switch to the smoother variant. Otherwise, stellar build!



It is an inika torso armor piece as his chest. I tried to keep an older Bionicle vibe, as well with the use of the CCBS system. I will try to adjust the piston armoring on his legs, as well as the feet by adding some detail to make a possible blend. Thanks for the critique!


Very nice. Very. Very nice.

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Well done greebling.
Nice color distribution.
A tall but well proportioned build.
Weapon Storage

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Where do I start with this one, whooee. The build is an excellent blend of CCBS and Technic (my personal favorite way to use CCBS) and the greebling is artful, but not overdone. Good parts usage, and the color scheme is consistent, well placed, and the accent color of trans-green does a lot to help the otherwise normal black and gold color scheme. His weapons look great and he has weapon storage, which is always a huge plus (also, dem chains tho) The proportions and articulation seem very solid, and honestly, I have VERY few gripes. The only immediately apparent gripes are basically nitpicks, but I’ll state them anyway.

His lower leg structure is the most notable con (most obvious from the side) due to the concave nature of them, and the Gen 2 piston armor piece being really low to the ground (though I love the usage of the Vahki legs and the Inika feet). The other thing (and this is really nitpicking) is the blue pins on his lower legs and the light gray axel rod on his shoulders. The blue pins I can’t gripe about too much because most people don’t have black pins nowadays anyway (also because it’s better than my self-MOC, where I just gave up and made red and blue part of the color scheme so I wouldn’t have to worry about red and blue pins being an issue), but they are quite exposed. The gray axel rod I only bring up because it looks really off with the primarily black and gold color scheme, and I’m pretty sure that piece isn’t too hard to get or find in black.

Overall, the fact I had to resort to nitpicking (making myself puke a little just reading how snobby my nitpicks sound) to find any constructive criticism means that this MOC is FABULOUS (though I don’t know if Vahtou would approve of that description). Parts usage is excellent, colors are well done, and overall a very solid design and build. Your work is great as usual, Tyrigsus. I look forward to your next MOC!

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This is pretty cool!

I really like what you did with the Inika armour piece!

I got to admit this looks great!
Really like the storage unit especially.
Solid Gold 10/10.

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Hmmm… wow. Basically what Gringat said. Except he could use slightly shorter legs