Vahziki the Kanohi Hunter

So this is a guy I built up a few days ago, it is my first Moc in a VERY long time, but think I did a rather good job on it. My original design was to go for a Grim Realer ascetic, but it eventually evolved I to this guy. I never really gave him a backstory, just that he’s a dark hunter who collects Kanohi from his victims like the Predator. Idk why my photos keep posting sideways, sorry.


It’s rather simple, but it’s still neat. Blue and Keetorange look really nice together.


Nice use of the limb pieces, it even gives the rare mid-torso articulation!

Hopefully you can figure out your sideways problem.

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nice concept! I like the metru limb for the waist.
btw I think I know why, looking at your pixel count for pictures you submitted high resolution pictures, I had the same issue on my i phone HDR is what it’s called there, when I submitted my normal resolution images however they did not flip sideways, TTV can not handle very high resolution images thus not keeping them in original position. You might want to opt for the less than 2000 pixels maximum width

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The blue actually works quite well! Great job!

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