Vakama and the Web of Shadows

can't think of original title

you get a cookie if you know what this is based of

critics and comments are all appreciated


I don't know what its based off of, but dang is it good. Do you do other art in this mnog-ish style?


most of the time
and thanks

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i'm sorry, have you not seen the 2005 sets?

or bionicle G1?

Well when he said,

I figured he was referring to something aside from the obvious.

that isn't wat you were implying.

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Ok fine. I can see were the confusion may have occurred.

Reminds me of how good the 2005 books are.

Is it based off of the scene from Web of Shadows where Vakama sides with Roodaka and his eyes change colour? That's all I can think of.

Great job, though!

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Excellent work.

Great work I love the simplicity


Fantastic work as always. I like the way you implemented Vakamas mask here.

oh snap u got it

and thanks guys


Crawling in my skin.

Lookin good.
I love the style.

That's pretty cool looking.

Pretty nice looking

Pretty neat. I like how it takes your source material and combines it with other source material to create something more relevant and interesting than either.

Wow! This looks absolutely fantastic! I really love the style.

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So good! :ok_hand:/:ok_hand: