Vakama Turaga CCBS Revamp

This is my revamp(I only have the kind of right pieces for Vakama)

And mow for him with the protector of fire


I would try to use less trans-pieces, they look out of place to me. Other than that is a good take on the idea of bring in back an old character.


I don’t have enough. red :frowning:

Not bad, but it could use more orange.

I wish I had more orange

The color distribution seems off.

It looks good, but the shoulders are a bit too broad, if you ask me.

The orange is really nice and the staff is simple but really cool. The shoulders definitely feel a bit too Broad for the Turaga aesthetic. Also, the posting looks a bit off and the background is a bit distracting.

Could we please have a Ekimu comparison

Sorry, but this just looks like an awkward protector with Noble Huna to me. Doesn’t really invoke Turaga Vakama.

I just added more red and orange. I also allowed him to store his staff

that first pic tho

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Yeah. That was interesting.

It looks like the protector of fire too much