Valiaah, Toa of Ice

So I was fooling around with TF:A Bumblebee drawings, suddenly what was originally supposed to be Animated Bumblebee drawing turned into one of my characters… Valiaaha.
If you want to know more about Valiaah - you can read my ongoing series of short stories where he poses as one of the main characters. I might draw the rest of his Toa Team in the future.


Looks pretty good!

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I think it could use a bit more detail on it. L.P.G , man!


Looks cool, but the lack of detail lines makes the proportions in the torso a little wacky to me.

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Uhm… well, that is kind of the point of this style. :I


I mean that the lack of depth and armor separation just makes the upper torso blend together (which screws with the perspective)

I suppose so. It’s very hard to convey it properly. :-:

I misread his name as vanilla

He has a very Transformers Animated feel to him.

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The face looks weird, but it’s otherwise pretty decent.