Valmai of the Fire Tribe- Glatorian of Spherus Magna

So this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time- my favorite aspect of Bionicle has been the Glatorian and Agori of Spherus Magna for a while now, so much so that I have created a tonnnnn of original characters based on that setting. I really want to flesh out this world that we only got the slightest glimpse of when Bionicle was coming to an end, and I have a ton of worldbuilding ideas that I’m excited to finally upload. I’m also still learning how to use and only today figured out how to render images lol.

Since the Glatorian System of arena matches was abandoned, now Glatorian are trained to be soldiers who protect the villages of their respective tribes and are sent on missions for resource gathering, diplomatic purposes, etc. as a part of Ackar and Kiina’s united village defense force.

First up is Valmai, named after Mount Valmai on Voya Nui. He is a soldier of the fire district in New Atero who trains Glatorian recruits.


I’m guessing he was born after the reformation of Spherus Magna?


The way I thought of it, his name was a word for fire or heat that came from whatever language Glatorians spoke and translated over to the ancient Matoran language through their programing since Glatorians technically created the Matoran universe.


I believe the language is Agori, which is basically the common language there.