Valtarr the blacksmith

So here is my favorite Matoran MOC: Valtarr the Blacksmith

I was experimenting with my camera and I really like how this picture above turned out.

So with Valtarr's original build , it was alright and he looked adorable. But somewhat recently I upgraded him to the build you see now and... he looks like a Bad a........ Anyways, I stumbled across the build through experimenting and taking note from the voya-toran. I really like this build and I have used it for other matoran MOCs I have made. Also the light gray hands are meant to be gloves. Got to have some hand protection when your smithing weapons, am I right?



Because the other way hindered mobility in a way I didn't like. This literally boils down to personal preferences.

B-but, he has gaping holes in his body. I am 100% sure that you could easily fix that with a little technic connectors without sacrificing mobility. But whatevs, it's ur moc. He can have gaps if you want to.


Crap, you're right on that. The only issue is I don't know if I have the parts to do so. I am a bit low on parts right now. If you got any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I'll take any advice I can get.

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Really depends what kind of parts you have....'fraid you'll have to figure it out yourself. :confused:

Well I figure something out, I will definitely fix Valtarr with it.

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Is that volcanic ash on his mask?
jk please don't hate me

About the moc he is pretty good. The gaps look a bit weird but aside from that I really like him.

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That's just dirt from over the years. But I like the idea of that being volcanic ash.