Vanaru The Primal Vengance

“The Blood of Rahkshi Shall Know my Name”

Name: Vanaru
A.K.A: The Rahi Hunter, The Primal Vengance
Element. Fire
Occupation: Hunter
Vanaru was a great Hunter until he was attacked by a half TOA half Rahkshi who took his Arm and Eye.
later Harik found him near dead and took him back to Cindaria.
Later he was given a Prosthetic Arm and a Eye. he now has only one job Kill the Toa who Crippled him




His Prosthetic arm is called Griffith’s Vayne which has a bow attached to it

this is his special arrow Cindarias Pride which can penetrate 6 TOA

This is his Hunting Knife VisoHagah

Vanarus eye has been change from clear to blue

His soliders have been put out a bit to make him more masculine

His back has a lot of armour and some teeth of a Giant Muaka who said something about canon altering (possibly a friend of Ciduis) which he uses as Throwing Knives


Plural’s Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is somewhat consistent Consistent, but bland
  • The Torso is a bit stange
  • Kiina’s Build, is that you?

I would give this MOC an overall rating of a 6/10.

Needs a Bit of Work :wink:


Thanks but what do you think about the weaponary?

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The bow looks OK, the Arrow is Meh, and the Dagger is OK, as well.

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I like it! Simple, but good! 9/10


so less of a hunter, more of a shrapnel creator.


A sniper on steroids.

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He’s a bit lanky, if I were you I’d add on more stuff to the back torso. I like the simple dark red, I don’t like the special “flame shot”-just the colour makes it stick out a bit.

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I will add stuff onto his back and the arrow will be altered

It’s a pretty good MOC, but I like what you did with the mask.

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I actually really like the weapons, the simplicity and creativity behind them exceeds my knowledge when creating weapons.

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Well. I guess time to fill in for @Hawkflight

The legs: the feet are feet, they are whatever. the lower legs need bulk, custom and/or CCBS is your friend. the upper legs are way to skinny and thin. they do not flow at all and need some replacements. once again, custom and CCBS are your friend. so overall, the legs need work, real work.

the torso, the torso is eh. the waist is thin and needs armor. and the shoulders look awkward and too skinny. over all, meh.

the arms. they are too long, and I myself enjoy the look of a longer lower limb. but this is friggen crazy. CCBS and custom are your friends. overall, needs to go back to the drawing board. I also think that some nice shoulder armor would suit him, if you made him more bulky.

the head is a head. you used that mask, so hats off to you.

the weapons. my favorite part of the MOC, they are done well and not too crazy, while not being too bland. good work!

Overall thoughts. he is okay, and with some work he will be great! cant wait to see what is next!

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Your right I will try and make it better while working on some of my other mocs

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Glad to hear it!

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do you have any ideas on a part for his back?
its just im stumped with ideas

See them black pins? make them longer, then you can attach armor.

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I have updated him how do you like him

Better, he still needs bulkier limbs.

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Kills Rhakshi… Sounds familiar… coff coff Talek coff coff
:wink: cool MOC, though

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