Vaneè moc

Hi. Just watched the lego Star Wars terrifying tales. Was wondering if anyone could find out how to make the mech suit for vaneé(minus the helmet due to it not made(yet)


I could give it a shot if I had enough good reference photos

I’d say the lightsaber would be the large figure lightsaber

Do you have any other pictures of the mech?

To all who need references here’s a link to the video you can watch it there. Should be plenty(of course the lightsaber handle lilt and the helmet will require they be 3D printed) here’s a link t9 watch it online

The link looks shady

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Don’t worry I use it all the time.

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I’m honestly more interested in the crane walker build in the background


We see a legoifid version of this in the special


I think you’re thinks of the mandalorian. The thing I’m looking for is in a lego Star Wars Halloween movie

Buddy, it’s in the halloween special

Oh. Guess I didn’t notice ot

Signed up just to tell you the good news: I figured out how to build this to about 90% accuracy. And it’s posable! @Kamoranova5


Cool. Able to put the instructions somewhere where people can buy it if they wanna try and make it?

Guessing the only difference is the helmet and blade

Also not sure if you noticed the cape

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The foot (Our right, their left) looks a little too big, and the shoulder (our left, their right) doesn’t look completely accurate.

For the most part, it looks pretty good. Good job, @astralproxy!

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Cleaning up the instructions now and will post on Bricklink. The cape is so big and looks like it was made from stitching multiple capes together, so that will have to be custom.

MOC with parts list and link to PDF instructions:

You can also view the model and step by step here:

Looks like this could cost $40-60 in USA.

@Atobe_Brick Those are my two biggest gripes as well. But I either couldn’t ID a few pieces or didn’t have them. Thanks for checking it out!

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