Varaxus the lawkeeper

Varaxus hails from a planet that was once much like Okoto. Until the cataclysm happened, reducing the world to mostly barren wasteland with very few small forests and lakes. Varaxus was originally a bounty hunter. Taking any job he could get in the wasteland. Eventually, Varaxus came across a village during his travels. After accepting a few jobs from the villagers, he began to feel a greater sense of purpose in his life and became the village lawkeeper. The villages hailed him as “The last Toa” as word of his adventures started to spread. Laws are simple in the wastes. Disputes are settled with duels to the death. Varaxus has yet to lose a fight. Varaxus uses bear traps, a venom staff, a shotgun, and a chain in combat.

Even legends die;

Cloak pic;

On the inside;

The grand reveal;

On the hunt;

“Good but I prefer Thornax fruit.”

The prey, the ferocious banana beast;

His ride;

Battle mode;

“How is this thing a fruit?”

“They did what to my ride!?”

Random dagger pose;

Obligatory back shot;

Credit goes to @Ghosty for inspiring me to make my first custom body for this moc.


he’s alright

the pelvis armor is odd, cloth is nice, vehicle seems abit… bare. Needs some work but decent overall


I’m least proud of the vehicle but I figured he needed a motorcycle anyway. I am done giving my mocs any technic vehicles that aren’t mech suits.

I quite like this.

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Phew. I thought I’d never reach the end of those pictures.
I think you did a good job with the gun’s design. The MoC’s build is alright.

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I love the shotgun (almost wrote shutgun :laughing:)

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I like the weapons.
The build of the MOC itself is alright.
The bike thing is also alright.

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the banana beast is best part


He seems very alien and I thought he was a lawyer.

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He needs a cowboy hat. Other than that, very nice.

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The MOC is alright, but some of the design choices could have been better.

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He’s okay. The colors are consistent but the torso area (especially with the shoulders) is just sort of awkward.

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Rest in peace,
Banana Beast