VarCity- TTV Kaita of Righteous Power

"The power of TTV will NOT be questioned!"

(I got bored and colored one of the kaitas)

Base: Var

Components: Meso n Ven

Attribute: Power

Weapon: Blade of Virtues

Description: A legendary warrior of power, this Kaita has the power to wipe out mountains and summon other beings. His final judgement is absolute, and those who decide against it cannot match his abilities to disregard or back up his claims with high charisma. He won’t let anyone trifle with him


His final judgement is final. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

All jokes aside, it looks awesome!

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It has, in fact, been edited

And quite nicely, the word absolute gives a lot of strength and confidence.

This makes me wonder: what would Eljay and Kahi’s Kaita look like?

Two-face. Half Eljay’s Miru, half Kahi’s Calix.

This looks cool! Definitely aspects of each person’s self-MOC woven in, and that attribute fits so well.

Pretty cool, I like the look of the sword.

I have a set up for a Kaita where Kahi’s the base, Eljay’s there and I think Invi or Exx was in there, IDK which one tho

Is he into sports?

he can kick butts n stuff


he can play baseball and basketball??

Rugby, maybe…?

Yeah but does he know why kids love cinnamon toast crunch

Not too bad, not too bad.

Looks pretty good. My only problem is that parts of him kind of blending with the cape


“I can feel the powah”