variants of Matoran (revamp / by of_alt

Hello everyone.

Lately, I’ve been so busy with work that I couldn’t afford to play LEGO, so instead I was playing around with building variants of Matoran to get used to

The design of these MOCs is a revamp model based on the headcanon, and the basic design is the same as Matoran’s revamp model on Mata Nui Island I posted in the past.
Basically clone builds.

I have selected the parts so that they can actually be built, so in the future I would like to build a MOC in reality.
If you have any opinions about color schemes, please let me know.

Karda Nui’s villager

(Healthy condition. It may reflect “poor repair” when actually building)

Voya Nui resistance team
(These are also healthy condition)




They look pretty good, I like how detailed and greebly they are.


Thank you so much !!

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Didn’t want to say it but

they thicc

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While referring to the design of Miramax, I made my favorite proportions like this.

So you like the thicc
I respect that

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