Varox, Bane of the Bohrok

Varax is a robot made by matoran to fight off a bohrok invasion, created from spare parts
Building this, I was heavily inspired by @Ekorak’s self-MOC’s head design
Front view

Back view

Side view (atrocious XD)

Sword (fully ignited)

Sword (not ignited)

Tuma size comparison


It’s a nice, simple, Ek headed moc with a fair bit of personality. I can’t really complain about anything except from the torso, which could do with being made less gappy or redesigned.

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Yeah, I’m probably going to redesign the torso, making it lesson gappy


It’s an alright MOC, though that Inika armor piece on his crotch looks a little weirdly placed.

That looks better in person :stuck_out_tongue:

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A simple head design but it’s fun to see it on other MOCs.

Step 1: Make MOC
Step 2: Become meme
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!


Aawwww yea! @Ekoraks up in here! XD