Varr The Skull Raptor

Long ago, before the the mask-makers were born yet after the elemental creatures had long since been born. There existed a race of raptor-like beasts only known as The Varritors. However, they were hunted to extinction by ancient protectors. Whose names have been long forgotten. The skeptical protectors assumed them to be gone forever…

The skeptics were wrong! The mysterious Dark Master used the fossilized bones of a mother Varritors who had died protecting her eggs from the Protectors. Filled with anger and now given a undead form she will not stop until Korgo, the last living dependent of her killer, pays for her forgotten sins.

Those who under-estimate her power and durability, due to her lanky and feminine body will inevitably be surprised. Her claws and nails are covered in the Okotian world equivalent of cyanid. Her fossilized bones are also stronger than those of the others, like Cultaka. She may be the oldest but she is also clever. Woe to the Toa who interfere in her rightful vengeance.

“Why don’t you draw me like those clever girls”



The neck is rather long, and not sure how I feel about the giant hands on a raptor, doesn’t feel really raptor-y. Good idea though.


Dude I love you man, I have tried my best to get over the fact that you and I had an argument,BUT OH BOY ARE STARTING TO MAKE ME ANGRY.
She’s “edgy” because her children and whole race were killed. I think if I killed your family, You’d be pretty “edgy” too.

All your other criticism are accepted and loved thanks, dude.

It was simply a joke.

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The face looks alright, the lower leg design is also nice, but the rest leaves something to be desired.