Vasker | My self MoC

This is Vasker an accidental Toa of Stone.

He defends the matoran of Voya Nui from wildlife and other threats and believes himself to be the protector of the island, never learning of the arrival of the Toa Inika.

Front and back views

His weapons are exactly what they appear to be. Vasker did not have any toa tools so he took a pair of climbing hooks and bolted on two rock shovels. this allows him to climb up walls and cliff faces while also having two heavy pieces of metal to assault threats with.

Both of his weapons can be attached to his “backpack” for storage.

This is his very lengthy summery of his origins, feel free read through it if you want to know the story reasons behind some of the odd design choices otherwise I will explain them at the end.

Origins | "Vasker was at one point a matoran of Metru Nui who’s job it was to take inventory over the various tools and materials the builders used for their carvings and statues. While taking inventory one day Vasker crossed paths a fugitive ta-matoran was attempting to get away with stolen kanoka disks. The ta-matoran had a dislike for po-matoran having been a survivor from the Matoran Civil War. With Vahki is close pursuit and no where to run, he took Vasker hostage and threatened to use a powerful disk of weakness to destroy the buildings supports. The Vahki weighed their options and chose to take the easiest route, eliminating both matoran.

The Vahki used their own disks of weakening to destroy the area around Vasker and the ta-matoran. The Vahki recovered both the disks and the mangled bodies of both matoran. Discovering that both matoran had miraculously survived, the Vahki consulted Turago Dume, who at the time had been replaced by Makuta. Makuta who did not need these matoran interfering with his plans had them sent to Karzahni to be “repaired”.

After the typical Karzahni repair treatment Vasker had taken on the appearance of some odd mix between a po-matoran,an onu-matoran and a sand Tarakava. With no given purpose Vasker wandered around with nothing to do.

Opportunity struck one day how ever, Karzahni had begun to amass his army to find the Mask of Life. When the deranged ruler set out for Voya Nui with Manas Crabs, Vasker and a few other matoran manage to hide among the supplies Karzahni was bringing with him. The matoran were eventually found but most were able to escape including Vasker. When he and the other matoran were about reach the shores of Voya Nui, disaster struck a large storm brewed and eventually a stray lightning bolt struck and destroyed the small sea craft they were using and killed a majority of the matoran on it.

Vasker however survived and washed ashore Voya Nui. When he woke up he found that he had become a Toa of Stone. Vasker not only had the ability to control stone, but to a lesser extent the ability to control earth. Confused and in denial, Vasker look to the sky and saw six spirit stars form over Voya Nui, believing he was destined to become a Toa. He then began to search for the remaining five Toa who he believed had been some of the matoran from the sea vessel which had sank. What he did not know how ever was that he did not have a spirit star and that those he saw belonged to the Toa Inika who had just became Toa at the same time. Vasker had been one of the only three survivors from the storm."

My self MOC’s extremely simple design is for two reasons

  1. Im not that great at custom anything.
  2. This guys designs are heavily influenced from my first experiences from bionicle which i will explain.
    a. The mask is from my first set, Velika and my first Toa Onewa Metru, so are the tools.
    b. The Inika build was chosen not only because of the Toa teams relevance in the origins of this character but also because they were the first full Toa Team i collected, they were the faces of bionicle for me when i was a kid.
    c. The metru were my first look into large Bionicle figures which is why I used the lower leg piece for the lower limbs (Its also the only lower limb comes in tan.)
    d. The Inika knee pad and shoulder armor piece on the back, again represent the Toa inika, while Vasker’s own shoulder armor was introduced in Toa Ignika in 2008.
    e. Again I cant make a custom anything even if my life depended on it.

Color Scheme reasons.
The color scheme of this MOC is sort of all over the place. The tan on the lower legs and the black on the top represent a real life outfit I use for a majority of self portraits (Tan Pants, Black Jacket). The silver is used simply because I didnt have a way to build the custom limb piece I wanted to make for upper legs, to even it out I included it on the shoulders and back.

-The mask
Ive explained why I used this mask earlier, but the reason why there are no other shades of that brown used on this MOC, is because there are no pieces I could use int hat color. The mask is the same color as my hair kind of, so it worked out perfectly for me, at least in my opinion.

Any ways, I would like to here some critique of this MOC so I can improve in the future so feel free to leave your opinions on it below.


Eh it’s just a standard Inika build, nothing too special


He should have more tan in the upper arms and the mask should be tan too.


For what it is, it’s ok. The color blocking could be better, as well as distribution, adding up to a really messy MOC.

Also, the proportions don’t seem to work out here.

I do like the story and the MOC’s potential, however.

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Yeah, I dont like that its that standard either, but its what im rolling with because every aspect of the design is meant to represent something from my early Bionicle years, this one representing the first toa team I was around to see.

Mask doesn’t come in tan, and its the mask I wanted to use because it was on my first two sets, Onewa Metru and Velika.

The legs would be completely tan minus the feet, if I had the proper parts. The story explanation (As if thats an except-able excuse) is that Vasker got two different colors because there wasn’t enough for a whole body of either color.
Also as I said there black upper body and the tan lower body are supposed to be representations of a real life outfit I wear.

I couldnt really do anything about that, I used the shortest double socket pieces for the upper arms, but it is only a standard inika build and they tend to have weired arm-leg sizes.

Thanks, I plan of redoing this guy as time goes on and as he gets upgrades in the story.


A bit basic, but I can dig it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is where varin was a year ago well he was worse way worse
he had no story and a color scheme only a 5 year old could accept
This worked for me so I will pass it on, just make little upgrades that make it look cool or ad function that helped me a lot

Sry for the grammer I’m horrible about that

Either change it, paint it, or incorporate the color into the color scheme.

As I said, Im not going to change it because it relates to my first few Bionicle sets, the color cant be incorporated because of how few parts use the color. I dont want to paint it either, not only because its one of my first parts, but because if I were going to paint it I might as well change it since it wouldn’t really matter at that point.

It’s okay.

there are plenty of brown parts in those sets though…

Nothing special.
It’s fine.

Nice job, overall!
I feel as though it needs more tan on the top, and more black on the bottom to help with color coordination.
I think the silver was a nice addition. the weapons, I feel, are simple, but they match the MOC.
(question; did he die when Voya Nui was destroyed, or is he around when the Toa Inika are still around?)

He never learns of the Toa Inika existence, but some unrevealed story details cause him to be taken off of Voya Nui before its destruction. He still inhabits the abandoned Great Spirit Robot after everyone leaves for Bara Magna.

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Really, really mediocre.

Inika build is not helping this MOC, not to mention making majority of it black was also a bad idea.