Vatra, the Hunter

Vatra, a bounty hunter with a troubled past.

Bio and more pictures can be found here, and high quality pictures can be found here.

Tell me what you guys think!


Nice flame thrower! Emulates the hordika vakama flame weapon nicely! I also thing the orange and blue go together, but unless you're trying to go for a clothed look(I doubt it) spread the dark blue abit...?

Really like the look of this, especially that Vakama Hordika- esq arm.

I like the weapon and the build (also, hey, haven't seen you around for a while!).

Although it doesn't have that much Metru blue on it, and the asymmetry of the colors...I don't know if I like it or offs it's a little too jarring...

But it looks good nonetheless!

Ok pros are 2 points and cons are -1 points

Awesome color scheme
Cool build
Flamethrower rocks
Leg build is simple but effective


Overall... 7
Has a lesser score because of simplicity. Maybe a bit bigger and it will get a much higher score
Please replace head with something else


I really like the design of this MOC!

The upper leg design looks great, but the Mars Mission tube on the back looks out of place.

The arms and upper torso really stand out, and the flamethrower arm is a real standout, it looks fantastic. Good work.

Nice! I am a fan of this moc. Very classic, and extremely solid. Also, that neck technique is ingenious, even if it does seem thin at times. Her legs, too, would appear to benefit from some bulking up. But dang, this is good.

Very nice. The Trans-Orange and Dark Blue mesh together surprisingly well.

plz xplain


Here's a little nugget of wisdom - bigger doesn't always equal better. And simple doesn't always equal bad. I have seen plenty of smaller, simple MOCs that have been so much better than MOCs that are big and complex just to be big and complex.

If the character isn't meant to be big, don't make them big. If something can be done with a far simpler design, use the simpler design and spare yourself the parts.

That... doesn't really help. You could at least explain why the head needs to be replaced?

Mhm, I plan to work on her lower legs a bit more.

I don't have much dark blue, and I feel that doing that would ruin the color blocking. I'll see what I can do, though.

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Fantastic! Very well built and I love the flame thrower.