Vay the Coffee Dragon



I cant figure out what it’s holding, Great MOC though!

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Bit of a coffee plant that has some of the fruits on them that contain the coffee beans.


You mixed two amazing MOCs in one, which is interesting, ( when did dragons start sipping coffee so much?) the coffe maker is just sooo realistic, and the dragon so cartoony though. Great job!

Gosh, this is such a beautiful MOC. Great work!

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He even looks hyper!
So very well thought out, good job!

Cool, cute, and stylish.

PS. Even if I don’t like coffee, that coffee maker is somewhat accurate

It’s brewtiful! Very grande design.

I don’t like coffe either only if I put three tons of sugar :relaxed:

From distance you could confound it with a real one. Just place some Mindstorms in it and it will work!

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Why do you not like it?! My day is forever ruined! Coffee is delicous!
I really do understand, though.
It can be bitter if made incorrectly.


This is adorable, and crazy impressive. I love it.

Very creative idea, I like this a lot!

Personally, I prefer tea, but I suppose I can’t fault the dragon for enjoying coffee.

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I presume it’s the plant with the coffee bean.