Vectra [Toa Lucrum]

Vectra, Toa Lucrum of Lightning.
Aka: Static.

Vectra is the leader and founder of the Toa Lucrum.

She stared out as a thief who used her lightning powers for personal gain.

While the Toa Lucrum are not officially Toa, the took the name to trick matoran and to solidify their group as a major power.

She is cunning and deceptive. She cares little for others, and even throws her own teammates under the bus.

She has the ability to channel lightning through her staff and her wings.

Let me know what you think.


Cool moc. I really like the zig zag lightning bolt staff. Captures the element very well. I also really like the pistons in the torso. Those are a very nice touch.

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The MOC overall is just OK, but that zig-zag staff is just great!

I would suggest giving him some chest armor to fill his torso out.


I don’t like how the wing is connected but fill in the stick body and this moc will be fine.

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Cool, if a bit spindly.

I like the staff