Ved's Wacky Lab Adventures: #7 After Factory

Black, Black, White= Ved
Gray, Grey, Golden Yellow= Rocka from Hero Factory
Light Gray, Gray, Lime Green= Breeze from Hero Factory

Sorry guys if this seem depressing, but this comic was to show how much negativity was thrown at Hero Factory when it started and after it ended. Honestly I think Hero Factory had some potential but they didn’t dig deeper to do so, and the people not being open to it. Even Suddenly Oranges shows how it was treated, thank you for reading this.

Also if you would like to be featured in a comic, make sure to give me the following: name, personality, mini fig description or pic, and gender.


This is really great, i too believe that people should be nicer to hero factory.

Mind if i make a request?
Name: T’Challa
Personality: Friendly but fierce
Gender: Male


Ok great, but I was talking about minifig pic or description, I should have been more precise, so just the picture and you’ll get featured.

Suicide and depression jokes are always funny.

Oh, ok.

How about for the minifig just a lighter head, no hair, and I don’t really care about the pants/■■■■■.

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Ok you got it :+1:

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I quite enjoyed this.

If you are willing to add my character:
Name: HERITIC. (I’d prefer if the period was there as well.)
Personality: A generally nice person, but everyone hates him.
Appearance: any mega bloks or kreo type figure.
Gender: male

I would do a mega block or kreo figure but sadly I don’t have any. :frowning:

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forgot about alcoholism, m8 :wink:

Oh, oh good god.

Oh my dear lord.

I can’t even-

I’ll just r8 8/8 for creativity.

No problem, I’ll still read and enjoy the comic.

So did Tahu and the rest if the bonkle guys go though something similar when their line was cancelled?

Well being that Bionicle has a bigger fan base and less haters they had it a bit easier.