Ved's Wacky Lab Adventures: #8 The Game Show

King Ved= Black, White, Black
DJ Donny= White, Black, White
Meag= Dark Red, White, Turquoise
And our special featured person,
@Toa_Vladin from The TTV Message Boards = Red, Black, White

If you want to be featured just fill this sheet.
Look: (in a Minifig form)

Thanks for viewing, and have a nice day.


Good comic! I feel like you should find a way to make sure the carpet doesn’t show though.

Also, the part where they answered “books” for the Star Wars question… I want to punch something now lol.

Also I’d like to be featured.

Name: Cronk
Look: Ginger hair, glasses, green ■■■■■, jeans. Or, you can be creative and give me facial hair, like a mustache.
Personality: Willing to ban everyone and everything, gives up on stuff, makes excuses. Often depressed about everything.

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These are getting better lately.
Name: zero
Look: space helmet with tinted visor
Green defense trooper galaxy squad body
Any legs with a futuristic look will do.
Jet pack or sword sheaths
Personality: inquisitive and intelligent. Creative but often gets himself into messes in over his head. Really likes mechs.

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This is a fun little story, I’d like to be featured.

Name: Danny Boyy

Personality: Does what he likes when he likes and doesn’t care too much about others.

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Ha ha ha! I can’t believe this! I want to be featured again!

Your spelling/english leaves something to be desired, but this was a fun read. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of these!

Sorry only ones who knows maybe you’ll be in the finale

No, I want to be featured in your comics again!

I’ll see what pops up and try to pop you in, but I got some other people to be featured.

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I really liked this. Good comic.


Actually, the novelization for A New Hope came out around six months before the original was ever released. That game is totally rigged.

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