Ved's Wacky Lab Adventures: #9 Behind the Bricks

King Ved= Black, White, Black
DJ Donny= White, Black, White
Meag= Dark Red, White, Turquoise
Almigty= Black, White, Green
Angel A= Black, White, Blue
Joely= Gold, White, Gold
And our featured guest for this comic is @Ultimate_TChalla , I hope you enjoyed you roll in the comic.

If you want to be featured just fill this sheet.
Look: (in a Minifig form)

Also, I'm not sure if this will help or not with your figures look but, I do plan on making a Red vs Blue issue so there. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed, thank you for even reading.


This is great keep up the good work!

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Great as always. Can't wait till I get featured.

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