Vegeta moc

Let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?


Yes I do.

Nice color scheme. +10
It looks like he is wearing pants and boots. +10
That head is really groovy, and probably the closest to Vegeta we will get with Lego parts. +19
I can't really see any red and blue pins. +9000.



That face...
That head...

...I love it.

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Technically it was originally over 8000 but k.

I love this Moc :smile:

This is amazing great job

@AdamusTheFirst But isn't 9000 over 8000 so technically the english translation isn't wrong. They never did give a specific number that was over 8000 to make 9000 wrong.

sorry to go a little off topic.

@Likus Great moc I really like I give it a 10/10

Que TFS joke

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Nope. Fear is the mind killer.

Great MoC. No complaints.

Likus stop being so amazing :stuck_out_tongue: some of us need to catch up!

Wow, looks really nice, and accurate! Seriously great, you broke my MOC Scouter, man! :smile:

Ha that's pretty cool you kno-


its so bootie'ful i might die :0 I love DBZ and this made me smile cheek to cheek, I was also looking at that hand and its really groovy the way you did it +8000 and that head +9000 :smile: well done this moc is over 9000 (8000 if you want to go by the translation)

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Never watched DBZ though it does a solid job of capturing the look of the character.

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don't watch DBZ, but my god this is great

Only thing that i feels lets this down is the face and hair. The hair works well its just looks a little smooth when compared with the body, same with the face. Though must admit like others have said its probably the closest we'll get to an accurate face at this size.

Lack of scouter? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeahh, never found a way to attach the scouter and have it look decent. Also, lack of tail I'm surprised no one's mentioned, 'cause lack of brown ccbs.

Oh wow. That's actually a pretty neat head.

Nice! Quick Review:

Accurate looking model
System head and hair
Integration of Technic and CCBS


Over 8000/10

I'm about to turn left...


This looks awesome!

I'm trying to think of a TFS joke I could put here, but in the meantime this is amazing.