Vehicular Interceptor Riding Greatly Intriguing Lengths

Vehicular Interceptors Riding Greatly Intriguing Lengths, or V.I.R.G.I.L.'s, are military robots designed by the Programmers before they went extinct, and are currently the most common kind of Programmer robots still functioning, which about 100 have been reported.

They are armed with pairs of repeaters on their arms and a mortar on their backs. They are quite fast and can go extremely long distances, but have bad maneuverability.They are hostile and WILL run down and shoot at anything that moves, so those being chased by this android must force it to turn.

Their abdomen section can rotate, giving them the ability to percieve the environment from all angles. Their eyesight is weaker than a H.O.R.A.C.E.


at first I though Virgil from DMC

then I was like, cool droideka on wheels

It's a cool moc like the previous one, feels like something lego could've made in the current time

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this thing looks pretty cool

It seems that you went to 'greatly intriguing lengths' to make this. Really good!


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The name sounds like something straight out of Kids Next Door.


Reminds me of a certain display I've seen at Brickworld Indy.

It's a decent moc.