Velatriss The Darkslider

When Velatriss was at a very young age he was brought the wrong way of life by a hand of criminals who he thought was his actual family but will eventually found out this is not true all together.
After a few years he eventually learned that the band of criminals are not his family and wanted to know who is father is so After five years he learned where he’s father is at a mysterious mountain on okoto within a secret monastery.
Velatriss struggled a tiny bit to climb and get to the monastery on top of the mountain once confronted his father and it was master Arnhnu.
Arnhnu was a little bit dismayed of the fact that he has a son and was a bit sceptical about this unknown fact.
Velatriss was getting frustrated by his father Arnhnu that he kept not accepting the fact about that he is the father of Velatriss and was getting more and more frustrated that Arnhnu is still not allowing this known fact about Velatriss until he broke his cool and outraged upon Arnhnu and Arnhnu severely injured from those wounds and when he realise what he done here no choice but the flea In Shame of absence of hurting his father and it’s now hunted down by on Arnhnu former pupil Tamonggue for vengeance of the death of his deceased master Arnhnu

Velatriss’s theme song


I know this might be of topic but today is my birthday everyone just to let you know :wink:


The torso seems a little too long, but this is a very cool moc! i also like that bike.

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ah this moc is pretty good. Though that bike is awesome, I love how smooth it looks.

well happy birthday then! :birthday:

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Yeah I was trying to get the torso just the right length for the bike accordingly to make sure it was just right but thank you Mr @Heyzorks

Thanks @Rukah I appreciate it buddy yep the smoothness was something I was severely after to complement the roughness look of this moc

And thank you @Rukah for wishing me a happy birthday buddy I really do appreciate it :blush:

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oooo happy Birthday mate!
nice moc - i love the bike!

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Great use of bootleg pieces! It looks like he has gold hair in braids.

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