Velika Test - First Stop-Motion Video

I got around to finishing my first stop-motion not long ago. While I did have some issues while making this video such as lighting and lack of sticky tack, I have since learned how to avoid these problems more effectively. I added some camera shake in after effects in order to give a more realistic fee. I plan to shoot some more videos with some of my mocs, whether it be a Makuta, some Toa, or something else regarding the storyline. I hope you all like this short stop-motion test.


Very well done! Frame rate is nice, audio is lined up well, camera quality is good. All in all this is a great for what it is.


Thank you! For a test video I think it turned out fine. I’m hoping to do some tests with mocs of mine such as Makuta Kojol, the Yesterday Quest Toa, and some other Toa. However, I’m waiting for some of their parts to come my way so that I may complete them. Plus, I need to learn more about after effects. I hope my next video will have more than one cut. I’m also glad that you liked the sound. I wanted to go with something other than the MNOG sound effects, as much as I like hearing them, while at the time sticking with something that sounds similar. Hopefully with sticky tack as hand as well as having shot my first video, the next video will even be better. Thank you once again; I always appreciate positive comments!


That’s really good! Very fluid!

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So fluid! I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

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Really nice so far, for a test even!

You’ve got frame rate down, I would try learning about the 12 principles of animation from here. Obviously not all of them will apply (it’s very hard to do squash and stretch in LEGO for an example), but they are very useful to learn to make sure your animations look real and energetic, with loads of personality and character!

Keep it up!

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Good start, continue like this and you’ll have great stop motions! What camera did you use?

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Thank you! I use the Sony a7S ii. It was recommended to me by an acquaintance, who owned one and has since moved onto RED cameras iirc, as well as two of my cousins: one is a photographer and the other is a colorist. Its a pricey camera sadly and if I hadn’t heard how good the camera was from them, I probably would have never gotten it.

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