Veltek (OLD)

well here’s another one of my old pics i didn’t wan tot go to waste.\

she’s a Nuiki of fire, that was captured by the earth territory after the Kutenga war.
her left arm is detached because it’s a whole different species of rahi all together, called a wiri (wee-ree) bug, an extremely rare, non elemental rahi found in the fire territory. when the insect latches onto it’s first host, it will be it’s home for the rest of its life. the wiri bug can drill underneath the earth, and strike foes from underneath the ground. When the Wiri bug detaches, Veltek becomes way more agile and light, making her faster.

veltek’s movable pincers can suck the life out of anything, but at a moderate pace. when the pincers come out form her back, ther wiri bug detaches, creating some sort of battle strategy.

this moc took like a week to build (simply due to lack of ideas, schoolwork, and etc.)
i put a bit more effort on her, than Uira, and i hope you enjoy!
also, the litt;e matoran is just their to show how the pinsers looked. might make him a character though.


I like the Matoran.

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