Ven’s AMA

What are your thoughts on the summer 2015 Bionicle sets?

okay wait gimme a second

@var ur just jelly that u cant be as stoopid as me

also, with that kind of title, i feel underutilized ;_;

@Oonie Mercenary or not, I'll take whatever can give me a precise rifle.

My favorite video is probably my MOC Spotlight of the Droyds. That, or the bootleg stop motion I made.

@Carrot8o My favorite 2015 set is probably Tahu. I've always loved Tahu so I'm a bit biased in this case. My least favorite is a tie between Protector of Water and Skull Slicer because I find them to be quite ugly and underwhelming.

@Shaymin36 My favorite G1 Toa is Tahu. I always liked him simply based on his appearance alone, but his character really grew on me because I feel like I could relate to the hot-head turn into noble and wise leader. I'm no noble or wise leader of anything by any means, but I sure as hell did a bit of maturing from the angry little kid I used to be. Just a little bit though. :3

@Ekorak Movie: Can't decide. Too many great ones that I enjoy. Song: Everlong by Foo Fighters. TV Series: Breaking Bad. I don't really keep up with too many TV shows, so the competition here is a bit low. But I'll be danged if there's something out there as impressive as that masterpiece.

@Corex11 I don't watch any of it but it seems cool. =P Closest thing I've ever watched is Transformers and I don't even believe that counts.

@Willess12 Very simple, 2D games. I haven't really released any on the channel aside from a demo of this platformer called "Pokie the Stickfigure", but the release was fairly bootleg because I only talked about it briefly in a podcast episode and never talked about it again. I'm still working on it though, and I plan to show it off to you guys fairly soon.

@Shadezy NEVER. For a while I mostly played FPS, but lately I've been playing a lot of various genres. I've gone back to some of my old Mario games, and I've even started catching up on Dragon Age Inquisition.

@Cupcake_Tyrant_Dar probably never

@Mesonak its coming soon dont worry



love you

@Risebell I could, but I've modified them so much to the point where they don't really have a consistent body build anymore. XD However, I DID recently construct a new basic body build for some of my newer MOCs so I might upload that at some point.

@Hawkflight I've played acoustic and electric guitar for about five years, and I've performed in front of people before. Those are really the only two instruments I can say I legitimately play. That stuff you hear in the TTV videos is all for the most part computer generated as I am not blessed with enough money to actually acquire as many instruments as I would like. =P With that said, I guess I technically play keyboard. (lol)

I have all the winter wave sets, and I'm proud to say I am the first member of TTV to own them all. =P I got my last set, Onua, within the first week of January.

I'd love to meet everyone in the podcast, honestly. There's not really anybody I'd want to meet over the other. I guess if anyone were to stick out at all, it would be Var since we're pretty much into the same stuff, and if not him, maybe Eljay or Meso simply because I could imagine us kicking it off easily in person based on how we interact in call. As you can see, it's very hard for me to narrow down things like this. =P It's like asking me which one of my kids is my favorite.

I love french fries.

@Greencapps no clue, its a gift i guess
Also, 2001 is definitely my favorite year. But just so I don't sound so generic, 2008 is my second favorite.

@Oniwah Applego. And the weather is stupid.

@ChaoticTempleKnight because he's frikkin awesome

@UmbraManis HAHAHA NO

@AutobotPakari They're okay, but fairly underwhelming. I expected a bit more.


Another question. What is your opinion on the Marvel Reboot? I watched the TTV Talks on Comics , but I wanted to know more about how you, Kahi, and Var feel about it.

I feel you man



wut is your favorite color


Well, like Batman says, "Black. Or very very dark grey."



What... is my favorite thing?
And also, what... is your favorite... um... bird... I guess.

You're stranded on an island, and get to take with you one book, one video game, one lego set, and one Nicholas Cage film. What do you choose to bring?


Not sure if this was asked yet, but here it goes!

What was your favorite year(s) for BIONICLE G1 set wise and story wise? Least favorite?

luv u 2 :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:

Also, what is your favourite Spiderman film?


If you were in the zombie apocalypse, and had to choose one TTV cast member to be your partner, who would it be and why?

And what is your opinion on this picture?


If you were a plant, what plant would you be?

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Favorite Spartan(Other than 117 or Leonidas)?
Favorite Halo game?


What is your biggest fear as Venom?

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Venom, have you ever beat up Eljay?

And if you do, how often?


who is your favorite G1 transformer?


who is your favorite superhero

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why venom? and did you make that Venom head you had in the live stream?

What is your favorite bladed weapon?