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Whats up everybody check out this listing

what is this? it appears as though tahu has lost control of his fire sword and in a fit of rebellion, the sword burnt Tahu's own arm to a blackened crisp.

also talk about a brainless tahnok am i right

i knew the A-Team was supposed to be diverse but this just takes a new hit, we have a creepy green slenderman with a broom, his trusty green midget, self-crippled Tahu, and a mindless zombie. awesome

you guys should totally consider buying it. because this time, it's my listing on ebay today.

see ya


It's official: On Ebay Today: The Inside Scoop, has begun.


12$ shipping.

12$ shipping.

Where are you? The moon, or something?
I'm sure 4 toys don't weigh that much.


they really dont, im not sure why it came up to that much

ill see what i can do, but given how expensive it usually is to ship a box, who knows what will happen

there, looks like i accidentally selected stupid priority shipping. no one needs toys that badly. should start at like 5 dollar shipping now.


that Tahu arm tho

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How the mighty have fallen


I would buy it, but I have no way to pay for it except my services stuck_out_tongue


It's Tahu with a rotting arm.

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That post was literally an *On Ebay Today'' episode. 10/10.

UPDATES! I'm selling lots of random parts on eBay! I bought a good bit of parts from a thrift shop recently, picked out everything I wanted, and I thought I'd share the rest with you guys too.

I also got a bunch of masks that I'll probably be putting up in a separate listing. But heck, I could also just list them here exclusively so you guys could pick out what masks you may want. I'll leave that up to popular demand. =P

Thanks for viewing!