Venal: Warrior of Corruptibility

Credit to: Anaru_LST for the head design


This looks amazing, but those open sockets…

Seriously though, this looks almost flawless.

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The color scheme is great and the crook is awesome. The only nit-pick I have is the chest.

This looks cool… it reminds me of the mission to mars sets. With that crook, he needs a flock of sheep.

I’d want to copy that foot-design, so good to see awesome creaions using the small CCBS foot… :smiley: Also, very good job, I love the way the head turned out.

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The open sockets at the knees could use some filling, but other than that, I love this MOC!

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Open ball joints aside, this MOC is absolutely terrific!

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Feels a lot like Anubis in a way, and the colorscheme is really cool.

My apologies, I know I used your design, just didn’t remember your username.


looks awesome, but what is a warrior of corruptibility?

I assume you mean what. I wanted to make a series of mocs with abilities as their speciality. I am not too sure what corruptibility means, i think his power is to decay anything he touches.

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This is too perfect.

Seriously, I love this.


Halloween color scheme! Alright!

This is just amazing. I… really can’t say anything else. It’s just too good.

I like him a lot, but what’s with the two different shoulders.

He is suppose to have a-symetrical arms to match the weaponry.

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Spoiler, which I do not take responsibility: Swearing.

I have no words for how awesome this is